Jose helped me out with a big milk spill in the back seat. He completely removed the cushion and foam so he could get at everything underneath, and he thoroughly soaked the cushions with clean water and shampoo to make sure all the milk was out. Gave me a good price and saved my car from weeks of sour milk odor. Smells fresh as a daisy. Thank you!
Everyone here is very nice and hard working! My car came out very clean. They take their time and do it right. This was my first time here, I just moved to the area. Decent price and excellent service! Jose had great music and he had amazing customer service.
First time taking my car here for a wash and so far the service they're providing are good. The manager Ralphy is very friendly and understanding. We came into an agreement for a specific price and to clean my car the best they could. They were able to get rid of the ketchup stain on my passenger seat and driver seat. They also cleaned the carpet very well. I do wish they provided a complimentary air freshener, but that's okay. Overall, they did a very good job. As a first time costumer I am satisfied.
This is my second visit for a car wash. It was nearly 100 Fahrenheit Saturday afternoon and I was already aware how hard working in a car wash in this weather condition. When I get there, there was no other customers. This time I chose the package 1 ($17.99) since I just needed a basic wash. As you can check from my previous review and the photo upload, I was a little bit disappointed from my last service which I purchased the package 5 ($59.99). I gave them an another chance expecting if this time would have a better result. Exterior wash with soap took about 10 minutes and they brought my car under the shade for wiping job. Two people were working on my car and they wipe in and out over and over. All the windows were cleaned at least 2 - 3 times. They took about 40 minutes. When I got inside, I was quite impressed. I can see they cleaned every hidden part and took an extra care. I am not sure they did it extra work because it was slow but I was satisfied with their service and decide to give a 100% tip. I am not expecting too detail from $17.99 service but I could see the worked did the their best for this price.
Car wash: 10/10 (black car) Interior: 10/10 My first time here was a great experience. I walked up and they promptly told me the wait was 35 minutes depending on the package, I chose package 3 ($34.99), and was told about 20-25 minutes more for the extra interior cleaning. The exterior and interior was very detailed, as much as can be without choosing the detailing package. Great spot to get a wash on the way home from work. I'll be coming back here for the great service again.
They are really good.. I was looking for deep clean from inside. And they have shampoo, vacuum and other equipment. Also they did a fantastic job cleaning my car from outside. I highly recommend this place.